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This is the website of Bawdeswell and Foxley villages in Norfolk. There’s lots going on in our villages so use this site to find out more about our clubs and societies, our amenities, forthcoming events, latest news and much more.

If you’re organising an event or have some news and would like to tell the community about it, get in touch and we’ll add it to the website.

Latest news

Lyng History Group – October outing

Our September outing to Cambridge and Denney Abbey was a great success! The option to spend the morning in Cambridge or to go to the Scotsdale Garden Centre proved popular and the afternoon guided tour of the abbey with its...

The Importance of Foot Care in Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a condition where there is too much glucose in the blood, because the body cannot use it properly. This is because the pancreas does not produce any insulin, or not enough, or the insulin it does produce is...

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